The ABC universal commercial electric telegraphic code specially adapted for the use of financiers, merchants, shipowners, brokers, agents

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1890 Black Sea Scale of Units for Freights 908
Banks and Bankers 1120
Classification of Vessels 976
Degrees of Latitude 979
Degrees of Longitude 978
Dimensions Cubic, in Inches and Feet 1143
Dimensions Diameters, in Inches and Feet 1147
Dimensions Diameters, in Meters 1169
Dimensions Linear, in Meters 1155
Dimensions Square and Cubic, in Meters 1160
Dimensions Square, in Inches and Feet 1138
Dimensions, Linear, in Inches and Feet 1130
Engineering, Machinery, Iron, &c 909
Finance, Loans, Discounts, &c 1055
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-African Ports 903
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-Australasian Ports 892
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-Baltic and North Sea Ports 795
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-British Ports 771
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-Central America & West India Ports 863
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-Danube, Black Sea, and Azov Ports 823
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-East India, China, and Japan Ports 828
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-French, Spanish, & Portuguese Ports 802
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-Mediterranean and Levant Ports 805
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-North American Ports 848
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-North Continental Ports 785
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-South American Ports 871
Freight and Tonnage Requirements-West Coast of America Ports 887
Insurance Companies 1052
Mines 1063
Minutes of Degrees 980
Miscellaneous Companies, &c 1071
Navigation Companies and Agencies 965
Packages 1020
Percentages 1125
Ports and Stations 981
Prices, Rates &c, Centimes and Francs, Part I 1215
Prices, Rates &c, Centimes and Francs, Part II 1231
Prices, Rates &c, Centimes and Francs, Part III 1237
Prices, Rates &c, Cents and Dollars, Part I 1240
Prices, Rates &c, Cents and Dollars, Part II 1256
Prices, Rates &c, Cents and Dollars, Part III 1268
Prices, Rates &c, in Sterling, Part I 1180
Prices, Rates &c, in Sterling, Part II 1196
Prices, Rates &c, in Sterling, Part III 1210
Products, Commodities, &c 987
Railways (British, Colonial, and Foreign) 1026
Rates and Prices for Cotton, &c 1178
Ship's Gear and Parts 962
Ship's Machinery 960
Stocks (British, Colonial, and Foreign) 1021
Tramways and Omnibus 1048
Weights 1016
Yacht Clubs 974