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Hailey (23 references)

Sam (24 references)

  • S/15 a New Hope, flabbing
  • S/15 New Hope. Silliest of the bunch.
  • S/16 But no New Hope can evade my
  • S/16 O New Hope, by
  • S/16 taking Hope with her.
  • S/23 a Dying Hope greets me.
  • S/23 A New Hope slashes
  • S/23 New Hope. Dangerous meddler.
  • S/24 —All of it's yours, New Hope wickets.
  • S/24 The New Hope goes ballistic if
  • S/24 Dying Hope returns
  • S/97 A Sweet Hope lopes up. This one
  • S/98 Sweet Hope, allways a pain.
  • S/141 Ooodles of hope, rippling bitsies,
  • S/180 our Changing Hope visits such snuggles.
  • S/181 struggles, our Changing Hope rocks away.
  • S/263 my Last Hope.
  • S/264 With which my Last Hope departs.
  • S/337 no hope at all. Just this savage cold, Open,
  • S/337 Where there is no hope.
  • S/338 With no hope long gone. What is
  • S/345 Dead Hope, charred over, haggard, can try to stop:
  • S/346 Dead Hope. Very dangerous. Though not to me,
  • S/346 Dead Hope screeches. Karumph! to that: