Interviews accompanying How We Think


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    Chapter 2 of How We Think gives summaries of the material gained through twenty interviews with scholars prominent in the Digital Humanities, but naturally the interviews touched on many more subjects, with more depth and nuance, than could be represented in the relatively brief print summaries. In addition to the themes covered in Chapter 2 (Scale, Critical/Productive Theory, Collaboration, Databases, Multimodal Scholarship and Code), this section provides a more fine-grained analysis of each interview, tagged with themes that average about 10-15 different topics per interview. As well as the full audio texts of the interviews, this section of the Digital Companion provides brief biographies and images of the interviewees. Clicking on an interview will take the user directly to the full audio record. Clicking on the interactive list of themes allows users to see all the interviews that discuss that theme. Clicking on an individual interview then takes the user to the section of the interview where that theme is discussed.

    In the rapidly developing field of the Digital Humanities, these interviews will provide valuable historical contexts relative to the moments in which they were recorded. They also provide windows on the ways in which scholars involved at different levels of engagement and with different positions within the academy, from senior professors to graduate students, think about their research and teaching, as well as about the field in general.